Case studies

Learn how businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies use Afterpattern to save time, automate documents, and create new revenue streams.
Law firm

Immigration law apps for internal efficiency and new consumer services

How Greg Siskind, a founding partner at Siskind Susser, creates tools for internal purposes that occasionally grow into public-facing products.

Law firm

Automating trust documents — selling a $1,000 service as a $110 product

How a solo practitioner developed his own discretionary trust automations and undercut large tech companies to capture an underserved market.


Apps that help volunteer attorneys quickly draft unfamiliar documents

How a free civil legal clinic uses Legal Apps that enable volunteer attorneys to quickly and efficiently prepare end of life documents.

Legal aid

Helping renters send declarations to landlords

Helping tenants opt into CDC eviction moratorium. This App was featured in New York Times and duplicated by legal aids across the country.