Build faster with free Afterpattern templates. Just duplicate, edit, and launch to create your own tools and products.
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Form that automates a document and sends it via email

Useful for building public-facing apps that do more than simply "fill in the blanks" of a document. Ask the end-user complex questions, provide guidance, and then use conditional logic to draft a tailored document.

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Relational database that's optimized for document automation

Build your own dashboard where you can view data collected in your apps and, more importantly, use that data to auto-populate document templates.

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Portal starter kit: how to distribute your apps and database as your own B2B SaaS

Once you know how to build apps that work with a database, it's relatively easy to package those apps and filter that data for distribution via a web portal that you can sell accounts to.

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Examples of some of the many use-cases that Afterpattern can be deployed for. These use-cases are built with the same features showcased in the templates above.

Model Vaccine Availability Tracker

Helps public track vaccine availability. Allows administrators to update availability and manage public vaccine applications.

Law firm

Immigration law firm

How Greg Siskind (Siskind Susser PC) creates tools for internal purposes that occasionally grow into public-facing products.


Automate Form I-9

Use this “no code” document automation as-is to auto-populate the Form I-9, or customize it to create a unique app branded to your business.

Law firm

Self-help legal triage

Allowing clients to perform self-help legal triage means attorneys can focus on building relationships.

Law firm

Selling a $1,000 service as a $110 product

How a solo practitioner developed his own discretionary trust automations and undercut large tech companies to capture an underserved market.

Legal aid

CDC eviction declaration

Help home-renters generate and send Declarations to get protection from eviction under the CDC's Eviction Order.

Legal aid

Debt collection lawsuit helper

Helping people without a lawyer (pro se litigants) respond to a debt collection lawsuit. Also helps people apply for a fee waiver if unable to pay court filing fees.

Legal aid

Legal aid attorney training

How a free civil legal clinic uses Legal Apps that enable volunteer attorneys to quickly and efficiently prepare end of life documents.

Legal aid

Statewide legal navigator portal

How Louisiana quickly / affordably launched their own statewide portal for connecting the public with legal help.

Legal aid

Criminal record expungement

With less than ten multiple choice questions this app determines whether a particular conviction or charge can be expunged in Kentucky.