New features make it easy to use Workbases to manage your law firm

New "expand rows" feature makes it easier to read the data in your Workbase. On top of existing features, Workbases are quickly becoming an ideal no-code solution for anyone to build a custom system for supporting their practice.

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December 9, 2020 Workbase is a super-powered spreadsheet. Workbases already include numerous features that make it suitable for use as a law practice management system, including:

  • Relational data: The ability to connect records to each other. This allows you to connect a client to matters, children, related parties, etc.
  • Document automation: Use your data to quickly populate document templates. This goes far beyond mere "find & replace" as you can create conditional rules that allow you to draft highly customized documents.
  • Integrate with Apps: You can build Apps (or use a template) that push data to, or pull data from, your Workbase. Common Apps include intake forms, e-signature collectors, and LegalZoom-like products that qualify leads or sell your services as products.
  • Perpetual free trial: It's 100% free to test Workbases. This is not a mere 2 week trial – you can test for as long as you like.

Now, in addition to these features, we've added one more that makes it even easier to use Workbases as the foundation of your customized law practice management system:

  • Expand rows: One of the biggest pains to using a spreadsheet as a practice management system is the difficulty of reading data. Nobody likes reading spreadsheets. That's why we added the ability to "expand rows" which allows you to get an easy-to-read view of individual data records:

What's more, from this expanded view, you can easily run a App (see the 'Actions for row' dropdown above). This allows you to review your data, make edits, then use that edited data in an App to, for example, populate a document or request more information from the client.

We're going to continue adding features to our Workbase product. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to create your ideal, personalized law firm practice management system.

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