App speed increased by 20x

Every app built on just received a massive visual and performance upgrade. This upgrade increased the speed of apps by up to 2,000% and refined the end-user experience with a range of new features.

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December 9, 2020

At, we're always thinking about ways to make legal apps faster, sleeker, and more reliable. After months of gathering feedback and testing, we're excited to announce a major upgrade that boosts app speed 20x and incorporates a range of frequently-requested improvements to the end-user experience.

The new upgrade includes features like: 

⚡ Faster apps: End-users are able to quickly progress through apps; no more slow loading between pages.

💾  Automatic saving of end-user inputs: When an end-user a the "back" button in an app, it used to destroy data entered on the previous page. Now end-users can go back and forth between pages of an app without worrying about losing their prior inputs.

🔁  Loop review page: Previously when an end-user answered a set of repeated questions (a "loop"), they had no way to review prior answers. Now each pass through the loop lands the end-user on a review page where they can review and edit information from each "loop member".

🔗  Simpler app URLs: No more crazy URLs. Your apps' URLs are now human-readable, like so: We designed these URLs to preserve your branding as much as possible (notice the domain is simply "", with no mention of

To use the new upgrade, just sit back and relax. That's right! All apps built on have automatically had the upgrade applied to them.

Coming Soon: A wave of usability improvements to the App Builder and Workbase products.

Want to help us improve the design of All you need to do is sign up (for free), build and test automations (for free), then join our Slack to share feedback or ask questions. You can also find us on twitter.

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