Sell your work

Once your Forms and Spreadsheets are built, it’s easy to package your own expertise as a revenue-generating SaaS product that competes with LegalZoom, TurboTax, and more.
Package your work

Create your own portal

Personalize the customer experience with your own branding (they don't even need to know about Afterpattern).

Recurring revenue

You can require users to pay a flat or monthly subscription fee.

Control sign ups

Either allow anyone to sign up online or control sign ups by requiring invites.

Fence off data

Give users access to their data and nobody else's.
Publish your automations

Sell individual duplicates

Make your work available to other Afterpattern developers. 

Help other developers

Allow the Afterpattern community to leverage your work for their next project. You can control the extent to which they can edit their version of your work.

Freelancer friendly

Afterpattern makes it easy to transfer apps and databases from one account to another, e.g. from developer to client.

Ready to get started?

Use all basic features for free. See pricing to add integrations or to use portals.

Download templates

Free pre-made forms and spreadsheets for you to customize.

Hire a developer

Work with us to build your ideal automation suite.