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Equip your team with the tools they need to quickly create forms, spreadsheets, and document automations. You don't need to know how to code to transform how you work.
App Builder

Build forms that feel like web apps

Conditional logic

Create logical rules that determine what questions are asked, how documents are populated, and more.

Send emails

Send emails to yourself or others. Include files and document templates as attachments.


Collect payments with Stripe or AffiniPay and e-signatures with HelloSign.

Flexible spreadsheets with the power of a database

Relational data

Turn your “dumb” spreadsheets into a “smart” database with special relational columns that link 2+ tables together.

Sync data

Use your forms to push data to, or pull data from, your spreadsheets. Make your data useful.

Store files

Cells in your tables can store many different types of data, including documents and images.
document automation

Use your forms and spreadsheets to populate document templates

Go beyond “find & replace”

Create dynamic templates that change based on user inputs. With conditional logic, one template can produce infinite documents.

Word add-in

Our Word Add-in is the fastest way to transform Word documents into automation-ready templates.

PDFs and emails

Use Afterpattern’s web-based PDF editor to create dynamic apps that automatically populate PDFs with data from your forms and spreadsheets.

Package your forms and spreadsheets into collaborative spaces or even SaaS products

View demo portal
Web portals are branded places where teammates or customers can log in and have controlled access to your forms, document automations, and data.

Control sign ups

Either allow anyone to sign up online or control sign ups by requiring invites.

Collect payments

You can require users to pay one-time or monthly fees.

Control your data

Decide exactly what data users can view and edit.

Ready to get started?

Use all basic features for free. See pricing to add integrations or to use portals.

Download templates

Free pre-made forms and spreadsheets for you to customize.

Hire a developer

Work with us to build your ideal automation suite.