Enhance Clio with custom automations

Build or discover automations for document assembly, intake, and LegalZoom-like products that integrate directly with Clio.

Save time on data entry

Create branded online forms that allow you, or the public, to automatically create / update Contacts and Matters in Clio.

Automate documents

Populate Word/PDF/email templates with Clio data. This goes beyond “find & replace”; you can add complex logic to your templates.

Build legal products

Build robust self-help tools for sale directly to consumers, or allow other professionals to purchase and customize your automation for their own practice.


Download and customize pre-built templates.

Self-help product

Generate new leads by offering free self-help tools for discrete services.

Intake + Engagement Letter

Collect info, draft engagement letter, and create a new Contact and Matter in Clio with the letter attached.

We've been building expert systems at our law firm for well over three years... Community.lawyer has set itself apart.”

Josh Waddell

Siskind Susser
I've looked into a lot of different options for building my own expert system... It was a revelation when I discovered this.”

Greg Anjewierden

Debt Brief
I am 76, retired, no computer background, and used this as a volunteer at the local legal Aid. I prove that anyone can build an App with your system."

John Potter

Judge (retired)