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Enhance Clio with custom automations

Build and discover automations for document assembly, client intake, and LegalZoom-like products that integrate with Clio.

Everything you need to build an automated law firm

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Intake clients

Build powerful, branded intake forms that can do more than just collect information (e.g. collect payments, automate documents) and can automatically create new Clio Contacts and/or Matters.

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Automate documents

Convert your static Word documents and PDFs into automation-ready templates that go beyond "find & replace." Public "public-facing" automations for clients or "internal-facing" automations for yourself and your staff.

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Build legal products

Create new revenue streams with legal apps that help the public navigate a complex legal process and automate documents. You can distribute these products via your website or through an Afterpattern web portal.

Build legal products

Create new revenue streams by transforming services into products

Build legal apps that help the public navigate a complex process and automate documents. Sell these apps as individual services or offer them for free and generate leads by up-selling your services.

Gather data

Build robust online questionnaires that guide users, step by step, through a series of questions.

Automate documents

Use the responses from the questionnaire to auto-populate Word, PDF, and email templates.

Integrate with Clio

Your legal apps can automatically create Contacts and Matters in Clio with the end-user's document attached.
The Travel Ban Advisor app helps you get an assessment right now about the effect of the Trump administration's "travel ban" on your plans for immigrating to the United States.
This App is a good example of how you can use technology to not only help people comply with the law, but also point out how absurd the law is in the first place.”
Greg Siskind
Siskind Susser, PC
An "intake quiz" that allows clients to triage themselves for various services and, if they qualify, schedule a consultation.
Utilizing technology to streamline the technical aspects of our work allows us more time to act as counselors and advisors to our clients, which is truly an invaluable resource that we should aim to emulate every chance we get!”
Sophie Alcorn
Alcorn Immigration Law
Help home-renters generate and send Declarations to get protection from eviction under the CDC's Eviction Order. This app has helped more than 40,000 people since its launch in September 2020.
We're able to build an app for opting into the eviction protections, which allows us to simply tell people 'go to this website, learn about the declaration you have to make, make it, sign it, and send it to your landlord.'”
Ben Carter
Kentucky Equal Justice Center

Free templates

We've been building expert systems at our law firm for well over three years... Afterpattern has set itself apart.”

Josh Waddell

Siskind Susser
I've looked into a lot of different options for building my own expert system... It was a revelation when I discovered this.”

Greg Anjewierden

Debt Brief
I am 76, retired, no computer background, and used this as a volunteer at the local legal Aid. I prove that anyone can build an App with your system."

John Potter

Judge (retired)